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The content of the pages of this website is for your general information and consumer use and will be updated from time to time. We advise the customer to ensure that any products, services or information available through this website meet your specific requirements and we are available to answer any questions you may have or obtain product information for you prior to a purchase.


We offer secure online ordering via our Paypal checkout, the UK’s most popular secure checkout system used by most leading brands. Choose to pay with a variety of card types without a paypal account, or pay using your existing PayPal account.  We have the highest level of card data security (PCI DSS Level 1 compliant) so our customers can shop securely and with peace of mind.

We have the right to expect that any billing/payment address submitted to us by the customer, at any time during the order process online, belongs to the customer and that goods can be received at this address by the customer. It is illegal to use an incorrect billing/payment address linked to your payment card or PayPal account. If you prefer a different delivery address for the kit or finished item please mention this when placing your online order. Please note that any emails sent at a later stage regarding change of address can cause confusion or errors.


All items are dispatched with Royal Mail. After your chosen piece is finished, it will be packaged and sent to you using standard 1st Class post or an express delivery service if requested at the time of ordering. We may send certain product items or orders by either recorded delivery or Royal Mail Special Delivery (guaranteed next day delivery) depending on the value of the order. 1st Class delivery is free within the UK. We also offer worldwide delivery at a cost of £12.99.  Our impression kits are sent using 1st Class post. We can however, send these kits by express delivery if requested at the time of ordering (we will send by Royal Mail Special Delivery service) at a cost of £5 (weekdays only).

Whilst packages are in the care of the postal service we are unable to accept responsibility for postal delays, loss, damage or theft. Most of our deliveries are sent by recorded delivery. Once a package has been handed over to Royal Mail we are unable to control the delivery, although we can track recorded deliveries with a tracking number. We will make our best efforts to assist you if there is a problem with a delivery, track our packages with our suppliers, and in general give you as much information as possible.

Quality Guarantee

We take great pride in our craftsmanship and hope that you will be happy with your purchase. All of our jewellery and products are quality checked and tested before sending out and all our items are personalised in the UK. If for some reason you are not satisfied with your purchase due to a fault or error caused by us, then we will be happy to repair or re-make any item free of charge. Please inform us within 7 days of receipt (by email or post together with your order number and photos). We may ask you to return your item for inspection by our experts if photos are not sufficient. If we replace an item, we will ask for the original item to be returned to us for inspection and to be disposed of.

With our 'Quality Guarantee' policy in place, where we replace or repair faulty items free of charge, we cannot accept returns on bespoke personalised orders for any other reason.

Production Time

All Jewellery is individually created, this of course takes time and we aim to have your order ready within the time specified on the product page when placing the order (lead-time starting AFTER receiving your impressions for hand crafted jewellery and after artwork approval for any engraved impressions or artwork). This may take longer during busy periods such as Christmas, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. If orders are delayed due to unforeseen circumstances, we will dispatch your item as soon as possible.

If you have not requested the express service option, but require your order by a specific date, which is shorter than our standard delivery lead-time, then we recommend that you choose our express service.

For all other products, the lead times are detailed on the individual product page.

Christmas / Mother’s Day / Father’s Day Ordering

Due to the high number of orders placed at these busy times, we may specify on our website the latest time for ordering and returning of impressions to guarantee a delivery for such key dates/events. Any orders placed, or impressions returned, after our recommended deadlines may arrive before or after the key date. If you are concerned about submitting your impressions before a deadline please contact us for advice. Sometimes impressions can be created at home and sent by email, or the kits can be returned by email, or you can post them back to us using Royal Mail Special Delivery (guaranteed next day delivery service). We will always make our best efforts to get your order sent out in time. Receiving the impressions before our recommended deadline is crucial to enable us to meet a key event /delivery date.

Personalised Text

Text can usually be added to the reverse of charms, pendants and keyrings but not always on cufflinks (please see details on the relevant product page). If your requested text (for example, a name or date) will not fit onto the front of an item of jewellery, whether this is because the text is too long, or the impression is large, we will put it on the reverse of the jewellery. If you have specifically requested for it to go on the front of the item in the comments section during your order, we will of course contact you first for your approval.

Artwork Approvals (Engraved or Printed Products)

We send out artwork for approval by the customer before we engrave or print. It is the customer's responsibility to check the artwork and make comments if any corrections or amendments are required BEFORE they approve and we start engraving. We will use the email address used in the order to contact the customer.

We recommend to add our email address (sales@silverheartprints.co.uk) to your contact list after an order is placed to ensure that our mails containing artwork do not arrive in your spam folder. If you have not received your artwork within 7 days after posting your impressions please contact us to ensure we have received your impressions safely.

Impression Kits

Every fingerprint/handprint/footprint/paw print order includes 1 (one) impression kit, if required, which includes free 1st Class post, deliverable worldwide. A free pre-paid returns envelope to return your impressions will be included in our impression kits, if required and within the UK territory. For non-UK orders, impressions can be sent by email (except fingerprint compound which needs to be returned by post), or by regular post. During the month of December we may send impression kits by recorded delivery due to the busy postal season. We do recommend to take your own copy of any paper impressions in case they get lost during transit by the post and you may also send your prints by email if you prefer to keep the originals.

If you need an urgent impression kit by next day delivery please don't hesitate to contact us: sales@silverheartprints.co.uk

We have tried to include as wide a range of different impressions as possible with our product examples to give customers a true and fair indication as to the differences in each impression as this is very unique to every individual and therefore each impression will be different. Fingerprints from young babies will be naturally fainter than those of an adult. The customer should ensure that they are satisfied with their impressions before returning them to us and to query if they have any concerns regarding this.

All impressions which have been sent to use for production will be kept on file for 12 months. Customers are welcome to request copies of their impressions at any time during those 12 months or to use again for future orders using their order number as a reference.

Impressions will not be given to 3rd parties in any shape or form. Impression images may be used in marketing material or samples purely for the sole use of marketing services, designs and products created by Silver Heartprints. At the time an order is placed a customer always has the right to ask for their impressions not to be used for marketing purposes.

Handcrafted Fingerprint Impressions requiring a Mould

Concerning the hand-crafted fingerprint jewellery, please note that fingerprint impressions featured on the product photos of our website range from babies to adult impressions. We have tried to include as wide a range of different impressions as possible to give customers a true and fair indication as to the differences in each impression as this is very unique to every individual and therefore each impression will be different. Fingerprints from young babies will be naturally fainter than those of an adult because lines are not well development yet at this age (less than 18 months), but this varies from baby to baby. The customer should ensure that they are satisfied with their impressions before returning them as the result in the fingerprint compound closely represents the impression created in the finished silver.

We will supply enough impression compound to take 2 (two) impressions of each fingerprint. If you are not happy with your impressions, please let us know and we will send out another kit (at a cost of £5). If a returned fingerprint is deemed by us to be unusable, we will contact you and send out a new impression kit.

If fingerprints are obviously small with faint lines from a very young baby we will expect that you were happy with the impressions before you returned them to us as fine/faint fingerprint lines are normal for very young babies. All our Fingerprint Jewellery will show an almost exact copy of the impression taken by you, so please ensure that you are happy with the impression before returning to us. Example impressions are available upon request in the case that you are unsure of how your impression should look.

Fingerprint impression compound should be used within 1 week of receiving your print kit as the compound will begin to deteriorate after this time. We cannot be held responsible for impressions not being as detailed as the customer may wish, ordering the incorrect item, or names misspelt by the customer at the time of order.

Handcrafted Silver

We only use the highest quality findings and fittings, our Sterling Silver Jump Rings are heavy duty for extra strength, and our Sterling Silver Cufflink Fittings are specially made to order and are strength tested before sending out.

We sell both fine silver and sterling silver hand crafted fingerprint jewellery. Sterling silver is stronger than fine silver because it is mixed with other harder metals to make it more resilient against wear and tear. However, the silver content in sterling silver is 92.5% whereas with fine/pure silver it is 99%. Both types of silver have the same market value and the same high quality finish and detailed impressions, they only have a different production process (sterling silver takes longer to make and therefore may be more expensive than fine/pure silver as a result). The Customer acknowledges that due to the purity of fine silver, .999 jewellery is a softer metal than .925 sterling silver and therefore needs to be handled with special care.

Handcrafted fingerprint or handprint jewellery is not machine made like engraved fingerprint or handprint jewellery.  All handcrafted silver items are completely handmade and will have some slight imperfections which add to their charm and uniqueness.  Each item has been handmade, hand sanded and hand polished and the piece will reflect this given that fine silver is a softer metal than sterling silver.  The quality is very high and a lot of time and effort is made to minimise such artisanal imperfections, but the pieces will have an organic, handmade feel to them. Your piece will display its own unique characteristics that you would expect from a handcrafted product, thus making it AS INDIVIDUAL AND UNIQUE AS YOUR OWN CHILD.

Jewellery Care

Our jewellery is suitable for daily wear. We recommend that all silver jewellery is handled carefully and stored away from sunlight (i.e., in a box) when not in use. From time to time a quick polish with a suitable cloth will maintain the beautiful shine, as with all silver jewellery. We do not recommend to clean our hand-crafted silver jewellery with chemical products or wear our jewellery during sport, swimming, etc. Jewellery worn during bathing, sport or sleeping may cause damage (see our jewellery care section) therefore we recommend to remove it beforehand. If our jewellery is subjected to constant knocks, etc. it may cause abrasion or dents, as with all jewellery.


All silver non-hand-crafted jewellery items are hallmarked with a sterling silver stamp. The hallmarking of our hand-crafted silver fingerprint jewellery is not routinely carried out due to the extra time delays and costs involved, unless items are above a certain weight which requires hallmarking. If you are unsure or specifically want this service included, please don't hesitate to contact us; we can always arrange for items to be hallmarked if requested although there may be a small charge and time delay for this service.


Orders for non-personalised may be cancelled within 30 days after placing your order for a full refund (unless returned damaged, used or lost in the post). If your item has already been sent out you would need to return it promptly and undamaged at your cost. Refunds will be made within 30 days of the cancellation agreement and are usually processed at the end of the calendar month. Orders for bespoke personalised items may not be cancelled after an order has been placed.  If we have not received your imprints within 12 months after you have placed your order we will consider the order closed/completed and a refund is no longer possible,  unless we hear from you to advise that you need more time to take the prints and a new deadline has been agreed by both parties in writing.

Product Images & Designs

All product images either belong to MBH Retail Limited (Silver Heartprints) or our suppliers. They may not be copied (in any shape or form). Any artwork (including impression designs and layouts) which have been designed exclusively for Silver Heartprints cannot be copied for use by a 3rd party and the IP rights for such design work belongs to MBH Retail Limited.


Your use of this website and any dispute arising out of such use of the website is subject to the laws of England and Wales.

If you would like any further information or details, please get in touch at sales@silverheartprints.co.uk

Registered Trademark

Silver Heartprints is a registered trademark in the UK and in Benelux. Silver Heartprints is a trading brand name owned by MBH Retail Limited. The administrative address is MBH Retail Limited, Summit House, 2-2A Highfield Rd, Dartford, Kent, DA12JY