Taking Impressions

Fingerprint Impressions:

After you have placed your order, an easy to use Impression Kit and detailed instructions will be sent out to you. The kit contains a non-toxic moulding compound (similar to plasticine), and the process only takes a few minutes of your time. There will be enough compound enclosed to take 2 impressions for each fingerprint, one set of extra compound is available free of charge if needed. The final impression should then be returned to us so that we can start producing your precious fingerprint jewellery.

Hand and Footprint Impressions:

For hand and footprint impressions, we will send you an inkless impression kit. This kit is extremely clean and easy to use and consists of a magical inkless wipe which, after a light sweep of the hand or foot, transforms a detailed imprint onto our special imprint paper. These kits are regularly used in maternity units to take the hand and foot impressions of newborn babies and are 100% non-toxic. The images can be sent to us either by post, by email or uploaded onto our website while placing your order.

Use of your own hand/footprint impressions: If you have a good quality hand or footprint which you would like us to review to imprint onto your silver jewellery, it is possible to use this providing that the outline is very clear and sharp. You can also upload your own hand/footprint impression during the order process to save time.


To produce a Kidzart piece of jewellery you can either send us a COPY (not original) of your childs image by post or email or uploaded in a flash via our website. We do ask not to send us any original drawings as we cannot be responsible in the event that they get lost or damaged in the post and we know how precious they are to you.

Fingerprints/Handprints of Babies/Young Children:

The fingerprints of babies and young children are not as well developed as those of an adult; therefore these impressions will show the shape and size of the finger, plus the little creases in the joint, but the quality fingerprint impression will very much depend on the age of the child and development of the fingerprint.  We will advise you when we receive the impression.  With small children, a thumbprint tends to work better than a fingerprint.   Many people like to take the impression of the back of a baby's finger, this then features all the little creases and the nail imprint. For young babies, you may wish to opt for a hand or foot impression rather than a fingerprint.  Please note: on hand and footprints fine lines and detail are unlikely to be visible due to the miniaturisation process although the outline will be very defined.  When you have returned the kit in the pre-paid envelope, we will set to work on your chosen piece.