Taking Impressions


Fingerprint, Handprint and Footprint Impressions

Fingerprint Impressions:

We can use any existing imprints you may already have, including hospital prins, simply send a copy  by email to sales@silverheartprints.co.uk

If you need to create new fingerprint impressions, we can send you an imprint kit, which can be selected within the options on the product page.   We generally use the 'pencil' method for fingerprint impressions as it produces the best result.  If we see that the order is a for a very small child or a memorial print then we may send you a our inkless wipe kit instead which is easier to use.  Fingerprints can be sent to us by email (photo or scanned).  Where necessary, and in rare cases, we may ask for a clearer photo or for a copy to be sent in the post because we need a sharper image.  

Hand and Footprint Impressions:

Again we can use any existing imprints that you may already have or from a previous order. 

We can also use hospital prints.   Simply send a copy of impressions to sales@silverheartprints.co.uk

We can also send you an inkless impression kit to take your hand and footprint impressions.  This option is available  This kit is extremely clean and easy to use and consists of a magical inkless wipe which, after a light sweep of the hand or foot, transforms a detailed imprint onto our special imprint paper. These kits are regularly used in maternity units to take the hand and foot impressions of newborn babies and are 100% non-toxic. The images can be sent to us either by email (photo or scanned).

Creating your own prints at home:

You can also create prints at home on white paper, using kids non-toxic washable paint, a washable marker or even chalk.  Simply apply to the hand (with a brush if you are using paint) and then press on white paper to  make the imprint.  Use mid to dark colours and don't worry about unwanted smudges around the edges, we can simply remove them if required.

Fingerprints/Handprints of Babies/Young Children:

The fingerprints of babies and young children are not as well developed as those of an adult; therefore these impressions will show the shape and size of the finger, plus the little creases in the joint, but the quality fingerprint impression will very much depend on the age of the child and development of the fingerprint.  We will advise you when we receive the impression.  With small children, a thumbprint tends to work better than a fingerprint.  

For young babies, you may wish to opt for a hand or foot impression rather than a fingerprint.  Please note: on hand and footprints fine lines and detail are unlikely to be visible due to the miniaturisation process although the outline will be very defined.  When you have returned your imprints we will set to work on your chosen piece.