Memorial: Frequently Asked Questions


Will the prints be suitable?

We work hard to get the very best result from any hand, foot or fingerprint, baby scan, photo or other treasured image sent to us.  We can also create memorial jewellery using paw prints from a beloved pet. If however, the image we receive is too poor quality for us to use, we will advise (although to date, we have always managed to work with whatever the customer has sent us).  If you are unsure about the quality of the prints you have taken, please email a copy through to us and we will carry out a check.

Can you use prints taken in a clay cast, tile or mug?

For the best results we work with ink prints on paper or a fingerprint mould, but sometimes a customer may only have prints taken in clay or ceramics. If this is the case, we suggest taking a good quality photograph (or two) showing as much detail as possible and emailing through to us so that our designers can review and provide feedback. 

My prints are from an adult, how do they fit onto a tiny charm?

Our talented team are able to miniaturise your very own unique prints and expertly fit them onto any memorial jewellery or keepsake item of your choice. There is no age or size limit for impressions. We design each piece so that your prints fit perfectly on your chosen item and the true impression retained.

I want to create a completely unique piece of jewellery. Can I send you a sketch, image or explain my idea for a customised order?

Sometimes you may have your own design idea in mind or want a customised version of something you have already seen in our collection. We are happy to discuss any design or customisation ideas that you may have or you can send us sketches or images if you would prefer. Get in touch! We’d be happy to help.

We would like to take prints of a loved one

Sometimes you don’t know what to order but you just want to capture the impressions of your sick loved one or request a printing kit to be forwarded to a funeral home. Funeral Directors are very happy to do this for you and we can even deal with them directly if you would prefer. You can order a printing kit for any of our memorial jewellery by emailing us.

We can normally offer a next day delivery service if necessary. Once you have captured your loved one’s fingerprint, handprint or footprint impression, you can order any piece of personalised memorial jewellery, gift or keepsake in your own time.

I haven't got any prints to provide

Don’t worry if you haven’t got any prints, there are many options you can choose from to create a precious keepsake. We can engrave memorial jewellery and gifts with a treasured photograph or use a hand-written signature or message taken from a birthday or Christmas card. We can also photo engrave any baby scan or photo image. (We once created successful paw prints from a paw print impression left in the snow!). Birthstones combined with an engraved photo or name is another personalised option. Please contact us to discuss your design wishes and options – we’re here to help.