Silver Hand & Footprint 'Treasure Me' Necklace OUT OF STOCK
  • Silver Hand & Footprint 'Treasure Me' Necklace OUT OF STOCK
  • Silver Hand & Footprint 'Treasure Me' Necklace OUT OF STOCK
Description Personal Customising Impression Kit

Personalisation:   This stunning silver handprint/footprint pendant can be personalised with words of your choice on the front and/or reverse. 

Impression KitAn impression kit can be selected from our options.  Imprints can be returned by email with a good quality jpeg/pdf image - either scanned or a sharp photo.  Customers can use any existing imprints if they already have some instead of making new ones.  We can also use any hospital prints, we don't need the originals.  In a hurry?  You can also create imprints at home on white paper and we can use those too!  Simply send a COPY by email (no originals required).  Email:

Necklace Size:  Choose from an optional sterling silver snake or belcher style chain (pictured) with 3 length options; 16 inch, 18 inch and 20 inch chains.

Delivery:  All orders are posted within 14 days after receipt of impressions by  recorded deliveryl.  Optional express service - 7 days with next day delivery.  Delivery UK only.


Silver Hand & Footprint 'Treasure Me' Necklace OUT OF STOCK

  • Personalise with handprints or footprints
  • Optional sterling silver chain
  • Personalise reverse with hand engraved date or name
  • 100% Hand crafted pure silver
  • Luxury gift box
  • Optional imprint kit or send us your existing prints by email
  • Hand Crafted in  the UK
Price: £69.00

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